Privacy Policy

Welcome to (referred to as the ‘Website’). We provide up-to-date information about online gambling for the Arab audience. Herein lies our Privacy and Cookie Policies detailing how we gather and manage data, ensuring a secure and pleasant experience on our platform.

General Terms

By accessing and utilizing the services on our Website, you confirm that you have read and comprehended this Privacy Policy.

We understand and respect that when obtaining your personal data, we are governed by the laws Europe and adhere to the GDPR guidelines. For further inquiries about your personal data’s usage, kindly contact our Data Protection Officer at: dpo[at]arab-casino[dot]co.

All communications, whether by certified mail or email, should be directed to the Company. Emails are considered received on the business day after they are sent.

Legal Definitions

The capitalized terms within this Policy are interpreted as per the GDPR guidelines. Additionally:

This policy outlines how we ensure the privacy of our users, including data collection and its safekeeping.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We hold the right to update this policy as deemed necessary. Major changes will be communicated directly to users.

Data We Collect

We gather the following user data:

Data Protection Principles

We prioritize your data’s protection and adhere to the following principles:

Reasons for Data Collection

Your data aids in:

Data Usage

With your consent, we might use your data for:

Consent can be withdrawn anytime by reaching out to our mentioned contact details.

Sharing Information

We might share data with third-party providers for the better functionality of our Website. Our data processors maintain the same level of data protection. In legal scenarios, data might be shared with authorities.

Data Integrity

We have measures to guarantee the appropriate use of your data, preventing unauthorized access.


Only authorized personnel can access your data, ensuring its confidentiality.

Data Retention

We hold onto your data as long as necessary and then erase it from our systems.

Understanding GDPR

GDPR is an EU regulation from May 2018, aiming to enhance online privacy. It grants consumers specific online rights. Detailed information is available at:


For any questions or concerns about your data or our policies, reach out to: dpo[@]arab-casino[dot]co.